Photo Clubs


Six 7th graders from Mahnomen participated in the Photo Camp,

held at the White Earth Tribal and Community College Extension Service. This camp is a part-two continuation of  the afterschool Photo Club, at the Mahnomen Public School (February -March 2017)  The Photo Camp is an opportunity for youth to  point  a lens to the world around

them, connect with each other and the outdoors. The project is a collaborative project of the White Earth Tribal and Community College Extension Service and the University of MN, 4-H, Mahnomen Office.


  • Rules of composition
  • Basic photo editing and formatting;  such as cropping, filter effects, and how to print their pictures in different sizes.
  • Two local photographers, Joseph Allen, from Gizhiigin Arts Incubator) and Rebecca Dallinger, from WETCC Extension, were brought in to talk about what a photographer does, what gear they use, displaying/publishing their work, and about different career possibilities.
  •  Field Trips:  two local business Jantiques-learned how to make a matte for photos and create their own.  At Thrifty White Durstore , students learned how to print their pictures at the Kodak kiosk from their flash drives.
  • At the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge, students gained insight into the September Tamarac photography contest, viewed previous winners’ pictures and took pictures of their own while at the refuge.
  • Health and Nutrition  activities; students cooked their own meals, breads and were encouraged to taste what the Community garden had to offer.