CongratsTamarac Refuge Photo Contest Winners!

Susan's Eye By Alyssa Olson

Congratulations to 2011 students winners of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Nature Photo contest!!!!!

19 students from the summer Nature of Technology Camps submitted to the contest this year. These photos represent 2 days of shooting at the Refuge.

5th-8th grade students participated in the Nature of Techology camps, July 11-14 at Waubun High school and July 18-22 at Mahnomen High School.

This program is sponsored by the Center for College Readiness at Minnesota State Technical College and Extension Service at the White Earth Tribal and Community College in Mahnomen, MN and 4-H of University of Minnesota.

The Tamarac Photo Contest recognizes outstanding amateur nature photography that showcases the wildlife, plant life, and natural beauty of the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Student work was entered in all categories regardless of age as well and in two newly added categories of “Youth: 12 years and younger” and “Youth: 13 to 17 Years Old”.

  • Plant Life

Third Place: Susan’s Eye, Alyssa Olson, 8th, Mahnomen High School

Clear Water and Leaf By Meya Rojas
  • Youth: 12 years and Old and Younger

First Place: Clear Water and Leaf, Meya Rojas, 7th grade, Waubun High School

Second Place: Things are Looking Up, Tessa Zima, 7th grade, Waubun High School

Third Place: Pearly Everlasting Fuzz,  Anna Donner, 7th grade, Waubun High School

  • Youth: 13-17 Years Old

Second Place: Susan’s Eye, Alyssa Olson, Mahnomen High School

Third Place: Just Hanging Out, Justine Haugo, Mahnomen High School

M.Rojas, T. Zima, and A. Donner


Honorable Mentions

Waubun High School: Zoe Allen, 6th grade, Anna Donner, 7th grade, and Reba Lego, 9th grade

Mahnomen High School: Wyatt Benedickson, 6th grade, Josie Defoe, 7th grade, and Alyssa Olson, 8th grade


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