Indigenous Gardener Mentor

FREE TRAINING!!!  The Indigenous Gardener Mentor curriculum offers free training in a multitude of skills such as: gardening, various forms of food processing, hide tanning , crafting bone tools, building root cellars, wild food identification and preparation, tracking, personal care products, and whatever else we can think of! 
WHAT WE ASK FOR IN RETURN: Pass the training on. The method in which that happens is up to you. Examples are: training family and friends, holding community workshops, building employable skills.

WHO’S ELIGIBLE? Anyone willing to learn! Adult Tribal and Non-Tribal Community Members are welcome. ( Special trainings can be held for those under 18 years of age. Contact us for more information

UPCOMING TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES November 2009:  Root Cellar Construction, Crafting Bone Tools, Make Vinegar From Wild Fruits and Herbs

TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES 2010:  Stone Carving, Outdoor Clay Oven Construction, Clay Oven Baking, Spoon Carving- wood and horn, Gardening Made Simple, Anishinaabe Nutrition and much more!


IMG_0458Bone Toolswild food identification and preparation

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