May Workshops: Birchbark Basketry and Quill Earrings

May 5th- 6th (Saturday & Sunday), Birchbark Basketry

9-4pm, Cost $30.

Baskets made by Bill

During this two day class students will first, go out, identify, and respectfully harvest bark from a birch tree using best practices. Other materials will be discussed and gathered such as basswood bark, and willow. On the second day either a small winnowing tray, or a Mukuk (berry basket) will be created. All aspects of birchbark basketry from harvest, tools, history, ojibwe terms, and storage of materials will be provided and discussed.  Class will be held in the Opichi Room at the Wadiswan building, new WETCC campus, 2250 Collge Road, Mahnomen, MN.

William Paulson, native of the White Earth area, started working with birchbark in 2005 in the mediums of basketry and quillwork. 


May 6th (Sunday), Making  Quill Earrings on Birchbark 

9-4pm, Cost $15. 

Dana's feather quill earrings

Participants will learn the Ojibwe technique of quillwork on birch bark from beginning to end, with discussion of different materials for finishing. We will also learn how to dye, sort, and clean porcupine quills. Basic quill patterns will be provided. Students are mentored in an open and respectful environment where discussion is always encouraged. Class will be held at WETCC ABE room, 206 South Main Stree, Mahnomen, MN

Mushkiki Mikinaak Equay izhinikaazo, Dana Trickey izhinikaazo, Migizi GiDoodem. Dana practices two styles of quillwork; on birch bark, and wrapped quillwork. She learned this style nearly 12 years ago from Earl and Kathy Hoagland in White Earth. She learned wrapped quillwork from a well respected friend and traditional leader in the Arikara way. In honoring these gifts, and teachings, she shares them openly with others. 


For more info or to register call Tammy Bellanger, 218-935-0417 Ext 213 or

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